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Our Modular Units

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  1. Managing Director
    Work on plug covers
    The plugs need to be protected with covers. These are custom made covers that protect the plugs from small bumps.
  2. Managing Director
    Completed wired unit
    This unit is wired for track power, turnout control and siding parking by turning off power.
  3. Managing Director
    Prep to wire
    The underside of the unit to be wired
  4. Managing Director
    Wiring the units
    Wiring and testing each unit.
  5. Managing Director
    Wire sets
    Wire groups with tag for each unit. Most units get five of these runs and this does not include the turnouts.
  6. Managing Director
    Some of our wire prep crew
    Cutting and tagging all the wire for the units. Five tracks per unit worth.
  7. Managing Director
    The track jig
    We used the track jig to also align the plugs
  8. Managing Director
    Plug attcahment
    The plugs are set to plug in as the units are placed together
  9. Managing Director
    The Plugs
    The plugs between the units to transfer power
  10. Managing Director
    Doing Drops
    Charlie doing wire drops on the last set of curves
  11. Managing Director
    Working on the switches
    Build the switch section
  12. Managing Director
    It works.
    It works, we now have 180 degrees of curve
  13. Managing Director
    More track inspection
    Must make sure that the section match up
  14. Managing Director
    Good track work
    A little hard work now will pay off when trains are running
  15. Managing Director
    The inspection
    Inspection and testing each and every unit
  16. Managing Director
    Laying the curves
    Work days laying track
  17. Managing Director
    The curve units
    We started with the switch section and curves
  18. Managing Director
    The work shop
    The units are on saw horses to make the work easier
  19. Managing Director
    Laying the track
    The start of placing track
  20. Managing Director
    The curves
    All the staining is complete
  21. Managing Director
    The foam
    painted dark to hide the blue
  22. Managing Director
    Preping the units for stain
    Our expert tapes up the locking mechanism
  23. Managing Director
    Our workers
    Our work day
  24. Managing Director
    Staining the units
    The start of staining the straight units
  25. Managing Director
    The units get stained
    The amber stain really looks great
  26. Managing Director
    Laid out
    The first two units, the track is just laid on top
  27. Managing Director
    Two units stacked
    The first two units stacked
  28. Managing Director
    All the straight units
    The units are all on one dolly and stacked
  29. Managing Director
    The units make it to Bellaire
    The first units make it for all to see
  30. Managing Director
    A special add on
    Kam Konnect adds a suprise
  31. Managing Director
    The surprise
    Here is the surprise in place
  32. Managing Director
    The curved unist
    Three curved units to form a 90 degree
  33. Managing Director
    Two framed units
    Two units framed out and stacked
  34. Managing Director
    The frame
    The top unit is framed and stacked on another unit
  35. Managing Director
    The top unit has the end piece
  36. Managing Director
    How the units stack
    The units use a custom foot to stack for transportation
  37. Managing Director
    The Idea Starts
    The corner pieces with the alignment dowels
  38. Managing Director
    Loop setup at the meeting
    The meeting was the first time that many of the members got to see the modular layout, AND TRAINS RAN.
  39. Managing Director
    Does it work?
    The control table is where the power packs and switch control are. And yes, it did work the first time.
  40. Managing Director
    The walk ons
    There are two tracks that are able to be walked on. There are ramps to roll a cart to the inside.
  41. Managing Director
    Our club meeting
    Our club picture with the new modular layout. The nest stop is the Train Show.
  42. Managing Director
    More plug cover
    The covers are really important and take time to make and install.
  43. Managing Director
    Scenic is coming
    As we get closer to running trains we need to think about scenic of the units.
  44. Managing Director
    Stacked up
    The straights are ready for transport, we need a train show!
  45. Managing Director
    First time setup
    This is all but two units set up for the first time. The two units not setup were on display for the member to see what each unit looked like.
  46. Managing Director
    Texas City Train Show
    This was our first time to setup for a show.
  47. Managing Director
    Texas City Train Show layout
    The whole layout for the show was setup in just over three hours.
  48. Managing Director
    Texas City Show
    Our new show layout has buildings.
  49. Managing Director
    Thomas and the Eggliners
    They fit inside the new show layout great.

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