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HAGG meeting at Brenda & Gregs Cauthen's home, July 7, 2018

                                                                                                                                                            Minutes HAGG
                                                                                                                                                                July 7, 2018
                                                                                                                                       Greg & Brenda Cauthen’s residence

The meeting was called to order at 6:28 pm.

In attendance were: Craig & Paulette Pecora, Jim Mitchell, Laura & Charlie Caggiano, Steve & Sharon Jones, Greg & Brenda Cauthen, Julie & Larry Engleman, Bill & Cathy Baxter, John Frank, Joe & Sebastian Russo, Jay Cooper, George & Colleen Spencer, Joe & Ula Stucka, Matt, Celeste & Stephen Gamrod, Bill & Lisa Rickert, Arlene and Robert Shong, Marty Steed, Justin Milanes, Cecil Truss,Jr.  

President - Craig Pecora
Craig thanked everyone for attending and was very pleased with the great turnout we had for this meeting.  This will be the last viewing of the Cauthen’s layout at their current house since they will be selling their home and moving to a new home in Fulshear.  Craig also mentioned that our member Glendolyn Alkas, that lives in San Antonio, wanted to attend the meeting but was unable.

Vice President – Jim Mitchell
No report

Treasurer – Charlie Caggiano
Charlie noted there was a $95.28 bank fee that was classified as charge for Debit card.  They will investigate with the bank and believe it may be due to prior card held by previous treasurer (had been cancelled when new officers took position).  The club has $5,968.63 in the bank
Secretary – Lisa Rickert
Nothing to report at this time.

Newsletter Editor – Craig Pecora
Brenda has stepped down from her position as Newsletter Editor. Chuck Blunentritt has volunteered to take the position.  Chuck will be the Newsletter Editor.  All articles and information you want to have included in the newsletter should be sent to him.

Web site – Jim Mitchell
Jim mentioned that the website has a “Member’s Only” section.  Once you select this button, you will need to enter a password – hagg2018, for access.   

Rosenburg RR Museum update – Greg Cauthen    
Greg reported on events coming up: July 22nd is run day and Fall Fun Fest is in September.  Fall Fun Fest theme this year is “May the Steam Be With You” from 10:00 am till 5:00 pm, the museum expects as many as 1000 – 1500 visitors that day. This is a major fundraiser for the museum and hope that you can attend. There will be food trucks, games for the kids, train ride.

Old Business
Move club property to storage
The club has scheduled a workday to move the modules and other club belongings out of the Cauthen’s garage. Jim will have access to a van on Sunday, July 8th at 1:30 pm to start loading and moving items.  The following people volunteered to help: Steve and Sharon Jones, Joe & Ula Stucka, and Steve, Matt and Celeste Gamrod.
Approve budget for power supply
We approved a purchase of a needed power supply - Bridgeworks dual throttle for $704 plus tax and $35 shipping. Total approved purchase not to exceed $800.  

Future meetings
The August meeting (Aug 11th at 6:00 pm) will be held at Justin Milanes’ residence in Rosenberg. He has an HO layout for display and we will use this meeting to review the results of the survey and discuss what activities members would like to participate in.  In addition, we can brainstorm on how to increase participation in meetings and more.  The September is usually at Zube Park with HALs—Bill Courtright usually coordinates this meeting with us.

Prior Founding Member Sylvia St. Andry-needs help selling her trains, track, etc.
Brenda reported that Sylvia St. Andry has been in contact with the club via its facebook page asking for assistance in pricing some of her locos and rolling stock. She provided her contact info: Phone 281 216 1050. Email [email protected] if anyone is interested in helping her. She has some items listed on ebay currently and is working on a list of items she wants to sell.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:04 pm.

Minutes taken by Lisa Rickert.

Bankstatement June 2018

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