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​​Houston Area G Gaugers

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​The Houston Area G Gaguers model railroad club was formed in 1987 and draws membership from the greater Houston area. Owership of a train or layout is not required to become a member. We usually meet on the second Sunday of the month from 2 to 5 p.m. at members homes. We have "Run Day" at the Rosenberg Railroad Museum garden railroad on the fourth Sunday of the month from 2 to 5 p.m.

How to Join the club

The simple way is to show up at a meeting, the Railroad Museum or at a train show and say "hello, I would like to join the club". However, I know that life is not always simple. So first, ask a lot of questions. You can do that at club meetings, the Railroad Museum, a train show or use the form below and ask me.

My name is Jim Mitchell and I live up north in Jasper, TX. So, that means that I'm not around the corner for a meet and greet. However, I do try to make a lot of the events.  We also have 60+ families that are at the events to answer all your question.

First you do not have to have any trains or tracks to join our club. In fact, if you don't have any trains and not sure what you want to do you are already ahead of the game. The yearly dues are $30 for a house hold, that's right the whole family for just one price. And all members are welcome to use the railroad at Rosenberg Railroad Museum. You see our club and the RRM teamed up and we assisted in the building of the garden railroad. They love it when HAGG members come by to run trains. This is a good time to talk to members and express you dream railroad. You will get information overload from the members on what they do, we just love to brag about our own railroad. Pick someone that has close to what you want and ask all the questions to help you build your dream. This is how to get started and limit your mistakes, and yes you will make mistakes, it's a hobby. I myself could fill a note book with the mistakes that I made, however without club members I could have filled several volumes of books.,

So, if you are unable to make it to a meeting, come to the Museum or Train Show feel free to e-mail me and ask what you need/want to know, remember this is a hobby that the whole family can do together.  And remember to say "hello" when you see me or any other club member. We are just a bunch of folks that enjoy good company, good weather, and talking about trains.

If you are ready to join now use the button to go to online signup.

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So e-mail me by using the button below and together we can get your questions answered or find the answers we need.

All Aboard

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