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Here are some of the older issues. I will get them on line as they are found.Thanks to Otto who is pulling an Indiana  Jones looking for these treasures.

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Jan-Feb 2000
Issue 53
Mar-Apr 2000
Issue 54
May-Jun 2000
Issue 55
Jul-Aug 2000
Issue 56
Setp-Oct 2000
Issue 57
Nov-Dec 2000
Issue 58


Mar - Apr 1995 was the last issue published by Dennis Grigassy in 1995. Toward the end of 1994 it had been requested for a member to take over the newsletter.  The president of the club, Otto Halek, volunteered to temporally take the task as he believed the newsletter is an important part in keeping this club moving in a positive way.  His first issue is number 28 and the last one for the year 1995.
Thank you, Otto.

Jan-Feb 1995
Issue 26
Mar-Apr 1995
Issue 27
Summer 1995
Issue 28