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HAGG meeting at Justin Milanes' home, 8/11/2018

This meeting was held Saturday night and the heat outside had no effect on us. This was Justin’s first time to host a meeting and it went well. He had his HO train running for all to admire. The business part of the meeting was a little longer than most as we had a lot to do. The survey about meetings was talked about so be on the look out in your e-mail for the details. Another topic that was talked about was the MoPac caboose at RRM, WOW, it looks great. The meeting minutes are below.  We also had item for sale at the meeting . I know that Sebastian picked up a big box of metal and plastic wheels. Others did take some pictures and will send them to me soon. If you got some pictures please send them to me.



                   Houston Area G Gaugers
                              August 11th, 2018

The August meeting was held at the home of Justin Milanes on Saturday, August 11th, 2018.
The officers in attendance were: Craig Pecora (President), Jim Mitchell (Vice President), Charlie Caggiano (Treasurer) and Chuck Blumentritt (Newsletter Editor).

The members in attendance were: Justin Milanes, Paulette Pecora, Carol Blumentritt, Colleen Farghum, Terry Farghum, Joe Stucka, John Frank, Joe Russo, Sebastian Russo, Laura Caggiano, Brenda Cauthen, Greg Cauthen, Ray Hundle, & April Scheuer (New Member).  We had 18 members in attendance for this meeting.

The meeting was called to order by Craig Pecora at 6:55 PM.
Opening Remarks, Craig Pecora :
Craig Pecora thanked Justin for hosting the August meeting.  This was his first time hosting a meeting.  He did an outstanding job.  He will be added to the list of future meeting hosts.
About three years ago, Carol and Howard Montgomery approached the club at the Stafford Train show to ask for assistance to help find a new home for Carol’s late brother’s G scale collection.  While recently cleaning out their storage unit, more rolling stock and accessories were discovered.  They brought these items to the August meeting and offered them for sale to the club members in attendance.
One of the suggestions that came out of the survey Jim Mitchell took a few weeks ago was to allow members to bring G scale items they no longer need or want to the meetings and offer them for sale to other club members.  The officers thought this was a good idea and it will now be a standard practice.  Someone else may want what you no longer need. Any such sales will be between the buyers and sellers.  The club will not realize any profit from any such transactions.

Vice President’s Remarks, Jim Mitchell:
Jim Mitchell welcomed our new member, April Scheuer.  April works at the Rosenberg Railroad Museum as the Museum Educator & Curator.  Welcome April!

Treasures Report, Charlie Caggiano:
There was little activity during the month of July. We received dues from three members.  We had the usual storage and insurance costs.  We will have the expense of a new Bridgewerks power supply that is due on Monday, August 13th.

Secretary’s Report, Lisa Rickert:  Absent – No Report
Paulette Pecora filled for Lisa to take notes at the meeting.

Newsletter Editor’s Report, Chuck Blumentritt:
Chuck said he is working on the newsletter and will have it out for the September meeting.  Chuck asked for articles from the members to be included in the newsletter.  Articles and other news can be sent to him by email at: [email protected]
Chuck asked if the format for the newsletter had to be in booklet form.  He was assured that any format he chooses would be fine.

Web Site, Jim Mitchell:
Jim stated that he continues to update the web site and we are still getting a lot of hits.  Members are encouraged to visit the site often.  It contains a lot of information about the club.  There is a member’s only section.  You need the password to get in to that section.  If you do not have the password, call Jim


Rosenberg Museum Update. Greg Cauthen:
The bridge located just past switch # 1 on the red line of the garden railroad has been repaired.  Also, switch # 3 has been replaced.  The red line is now up and running thanks to Joe Stucka, Sebastian Russo, Greg Cauthen and Craig Pecora.  Several pieces of rolling stock have been repaired and put back into the train shed.  There are still several pieces of rolling stock that need the couplers converted over to Kadee couplers.  Where is Keith when you really need him?
There is one thing that was not mentioned at the meeting, but should have been.  We are trying to keep the train storage room in tower 17 neat and orderly.  This seem to be a never-ending battle.  Please help us!
The next event at the museum will be the Fall Fun Fest to be held on September 22nd, from 10 AM till 5:00 PM. The event will be called “May the Steam be with you”.  The event will include: trackless train rides, model steam trains and themed guest appearances.  The event will also include: bounce houses, face painting, photo scavenger hunt, crafts, costumes, music, food trucks and more!  Mark you calendar.
Greg will be asking for volunteers shortly before the event to spruce up the outdoor layout.  We can use all the help we can get.  He promised to pick a day when there will be all shade.
Craig Pecora reported that the G scale Thomas train has been repaired and is ready to run.  We have a Bachman Thomas Engine that can pull the Bachman Annie and Clarabelle cars as well as the Lionel Annie and Clarabelle cars.  When using the Bachman Thomas Engine with the Lionel cars, care must be taken in assembling the train.  The couplers are not the same height but they will work.  The coupler on the engine is higher than the ones on the Lionel cars and the first car has to be lifted onto the coupler.  If you try to slam them together, you will break the coupler!  Thomas is very popular with the kids (and some of the adults) so we need to keep Thomas running.

Old Business, Craig Pecora:
The Bridgewerks power supply has been received.  This should complete the control counsel for our modular layout.  We will get to try it out in Texas City.

New Business, Craig Pecora:
The September meeting will be held at Zube park.  A Bar B Q lunch will be offered.  The cost for adults will be $13.00 and the cost for children 6 years of age or under will be $6.00.  An agenda for this meeting will be sent out a little earlier than usual and will contain all the information needed.  It will be requested that if you want to participate in the lunch, you must RSVP.  We do not want to run out of food but we do not want to order more than we need.  We must order the food a couple days in advance.
We are still looking for volunteers to host the October, November and December meetings.

Our next show will be in Texas City on Saturday, October 27th.   This will be a one-day train show held in conjunction with their “Touch a Truck” event.  We will be in the same location and have the same space as last year.  We will be able to use all of our modules for this set up.  More information will be available as we get closer to October.

Adjourn Meeting, Craig Pecora
The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 PM
Craig Pecora
President  HAGG