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Stafford Train Show 2018

  1. Managing Director
    We're setup
    We are done with setup. All the stuff in the back is from other clubs.
  2. Managing Director
    She takes care of so much, and take most of the pictures.
  3. Managing Director
    The control panel
    Charlie, Greg and Jim hard at work/play.
  4. Managing Director
    The siding crew
    Paulette, Celeste. Justin, Ray, Carol and Chuck manning the side line.
  5. Managing Director
    Michael running a train
    Michael being sure his train makes it to the main line.
  6. Managing Director
    Our show layout
    A view of the layout from the end.
  7. Managing Director
    Just back from shopping
    Matt, Steven, Celeste, Steve and Sharon taking a break after shopping.
  8. Managing Director
    Steven's train
    Steven in on the main line.
  9. Managing Director
    Charlie on the main
    Charlie really did bring trains to run,
  10. Managing Director
    Still shopping
    Good buy were there to be found.
  11. Managing Director
    We're ready for the show
    Phil join the crew in waiting for the show to open.
  12. Managing Director
    Guest just love looking at the trains roll by.
  13. Managing Director
    This is the life
    Just lay down and dream of where you're going on the passing train.
  14. Managing Director
    Loading up for the show
    We loaded on Friday before the show.
  15. Managing Director
    Phil's on the main line
    Phil is running first thing in the morning.
  16. Managing Director
    Greg after setup
    We got setup a hour before the show opened.
  17. Managing Director
    Opps plans changed
    The plan changed before we setup and we just rolled with it.
  18. Managing Director
    Loading up
    Gayle, Bill and Chuck loading the curve tracks on the dolly.

Be sure to click on the dots above and below to get to all the pictures

You can go to our Facebook page to more pictures. A big thank you to Brenda who take most of the pictures you see.
  1. Charlie's cars
    Charlie's cars
  2. Michael's train on the siding.
    Michael's train on the siding.
  3. Dan's engines
    Dan's engines
  4. Heading to the main line
    Heading to the main line
  5. Dan waiting for the main line
    Dan waiting for the main line
  6. Charlie's car show
    Charlie's car show
  7. Steam is king
    Steam is king
  8. The MoPac
    The MoPac
  9. Our Show Layout
    Our Show Layout