​​Houston Area 'G' Gaugers

HAGG Members, don't forget that RRM loves it when we come by to run trains. If you need to get your weekly train fix check in with RRM on what day they need you and run your trains weekly. RRM is open Wedesday - Sunday and they are always looking for folks to  ​play ​ operate trains on the garden railroad. You can also help with the upkeep of the railroad, work on the museum's rolling stock and help train the others to run the railroad. Call Greg today.

Below is the membership form

Our membership is $30 per year for a household. On the form below please list all members of your household that wish to be included in our club. If you need more room, please e-mail me at houstonagg@gmail.com. This list can be adjusted at any time as interest change. All members will receive a copy of the newsletter by way of e-mail. We also use e-mail and text to announce date and times of events. And any questions you have I am only a click away. 

Houston Area 'G' Gaugers
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