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Thanks to Brenda Cauthen our club can now be found on Face Book. She has done a great job and as I'm just learning FB I am impressed. I thought FB was for playing games only, now I'm in training of the other side of FB. Check it out.

Attention to all club members

Be sure to contact Chuck or Otto about your time as an operator at the Club Rairoad.  Training is easy,  and this is when we get to show the public what we do. 

Repair and other information

There are now links to some of the best places on the web to repair and maintain our model trains. Greg's site is full of information to help the beginner or the seasoned train operator. You will find most of the manufactures listed and ways to improve and fix known problems. The Ottawa Valley Garden Railway Society is another great site to assist you with your repair or conversions. All this is listed under Build, Bash and Repair.

Now you can find KD Rail Publications (Keith Stratton) in Build, Bash and Repair. These articles are very well written and come with full color pictures.

Rosenberg Railroad

Museum Project Update


HAGG Members and Rosenberg Railroad Museum Volunteers
We got the water feature completed enough we were able to work Friday and Saturday on the Split Jaw PVC Roadbed.  Unfortunately  the water feature looks better than it works.  The folds we used are creating a syphon and draining the water.  We talked to Nelson's Water Gardens and to my pond expert and they both agreed this was the likely problem and how to fix it. They said landscapers have this issue all the time.    So next week we will hopefully get it fixed.  But we did get it complete enough so it was out of the way for laying the Split Jaw roadbed.
So Friday and Saturday we had a good group of volunteers and started laying down the PVC roadbed.  I have attached some pictures.  We got a lot of the roadbed installed and staked down, including the the most complicated sections, the double crossover and both crossings and most of the switches.   We have half the stakes hammered down.  Thanks to all of the volunteers from both days for all of the great work.
A few of us are going to meet again tomorrow (Sunday, October 19) at 10 am to see if we can get the rest of the PVC down.   Right now it looks like Keith Stratton, Bill Rickert, Phil MacDonald and myself.  We will  probably only work until 2 pm.  If anyone would like to join us please let me know.
Also the Sunset Valley Code 250 Stainless Steel track has shipped and will be delivered to the Museum on Thursday.  They had everything in stock except the three crossings. They will ship in two or three weeks.   We are getting enough track to complete phase 1 through 4 which completes John Frank's original design plus all of the passing sidings and spurs.  The only track we won't have is the small inner loop and the storage track.
Thanks again to all of the volunteers.

Want to watch more videos?

Art Gibson does a lot of great videos and he posts them on you tube. He has many great videoss to watch, so click below, set back and enjoy.


Rosenberg Railroad Museum Fall Fun Fest
The preliminary attendance count was 1200  visitors!!  That's 400 more than the Spring Railfest. The Santa Fe warbonnets were fabulous!! Did you see the picture on the front page of section B of the Sunday Chronicle?? I'll post pictures I took on our Facebook page this week. Also welcome to the three new member families we signed up at the event!!!! 
Big huge thanks to all that helped out with getting the ground ready earlier in the week,  setting up and taking down during the day, bringing and running their trains and to Jay Cooper for taking many, many photos (can't wait to see them all).  After the heavy rain on Thursday and Friday the ground was a little bumpy, but overall was in very good shape.  We were able to have at least two trains and the egg liners running for all of the event! We had great help setting up at 7 am and taking down at 3 pm. Thanks to everyone. With all the team help, things go so much quicker and smoother. 
We received a nice thank you email from Ratha Liladrie, the Executive Director at the museum, and she asked that we pass along their thanks to all of HAGG..    "A big thank you for getting the Garden layout up and running and putting so many smiles on so many faces."
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