Our Modular units Update
The first pickup of our units
On the Tuesday after Mother's Day, Charlie, Chuck, Terry and myself made the trip to Orange, TX to pickup the straight units of our modulars. It was only a 69  mile drive for me and yet I was the last one there.

We got 14 straight units we ordered and even got an extra one that was at the old specs on the dowel pens. It will works with the other units just fine or we use it for a display. All the units fit onto one dolly and they are only about 4 feet 6 inches tall and that is with 15 units. So we can use one dolly for the straights well into phase 2. Please don't freak out about phase 2, as we need to do  a few shows to work out any bugs.

The first picture shows the units stacked on the dolly in Greg's train barn. That's 15 units stacked on the dolly. In the next picture you can see the T handle in the cam lock and just behind it you can see the track guides. The next picture shows the track guide frame that locks onto the MEP (modular end piece) and the guides go into the slots. This will ensure that the track is lined up on each unit in the same way and that will keep us from using splice track and rail joiners.

Now you are saying, why did we get an extra unit? Well if you look close at the second picture you will see that the dowel pins on the top unit are shorter than the others.  We changed the specs on the dowels so we ensure the pins meet up before our plugs meet.

I have requested a free sample of the plugs shown below so we can be sure they will work the way we are hoping. If you have a better idea and know of a source drop me an e-mail.

Update on the plugs

​The plugs in the picture above have made it through customs and are on the way for us to evaluate. This has been one thing after another. From what the company that is shipping to me has told me these are what we are looking for. I have talked to him a few times on the phone and it is looking good. He has even told me that other clients have requested these plugs to do projects like ours.

Houston we have a problem!

If you go to the meetings or read Brenda's news letter you know that Donalda and Keith are moving to Canada. This is great for them, however Jim Mitchell was voted in as VP (that feels funny talking about myself in the third person). It don't matter, I have some big shoes to step into. Donalda and Keith we wish safe travles. Do they run dome liners on the CN? Happy rails you wil be missed.

To all members, want to show case your railroad?

Are you ready to share your railroad with the world? Send me a back story and pictures of your world and I will give you your own page for the world (those train folks that visit our site) all that you have done.

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