Club Polo Shirts
  A few club members have indicated they would like to purchase our tan club polo shirts.  Youth sizes are a gold color as they are not available in tan. You can have your name added to the right side if you like for an extra $5.00.       Pricing is determined as follows: Select shirt cost from options below. Add tax (8.25%), shipping/handling (approx. $2 per shirt) and $5.00 if you want your name embroidered on the shirt for an estimated cost of a shirt.      Men’s with pocket: $26.50                  Men’s without pocket: $24.50      Ladies (no pocket):$26.50                  Youth: $22.50  Let Brenda Cauthen know via email ( if you’d like to order a shirt by the end of April.
Modular Units Update
We have submitted the order and our units are being made as you read this.
I do hope that you were able to check out the 2 modular units that we had to evaluate. Well the order is in and we should be getting the units around the first of May. I took the two units back to Kam Konnect on Wed, April 12 and talked to Ben for a couple of hours and toured his shop. All the feedback that I got from those that saw the units we had were good. I talked to Ben about the walk-on units to be sure that a dolly loaded with trains could pass. Bill is still working on the electrical connectors so that the electric will be connected when the units are connected. Be ready for the work days to start on the modular units next month. The first thing we need to do is stain and finish the units.
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Modular Units Gallery

To all members, want to show case your railroad?

Are you ready to share your railroad with the world? Send me a back story and pictures of your world and I will give you your own page for the world (those train folks that visit our site) all that you have done.
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Mark your Calenders
Now you can find KD Rail Publications (Keith Stratton) in Build and Repair. These articles are very well written and come with full color pictures.
We’ve recently started having regular communications about club matters and events via email. If you have not been receiving such emails, and you would like to, send your pre-ferred email address(es) to Brenda Cauthen at AND Keith Stratton at
On the fourth Sunday of every month HAGG will have a Fun Run day at the Rosenberg Railroad Museum. All members are invited to come run your trains from 1-5.