HAGG is now on Face Book

Thanks to Brenda Cauthen our club can now be found on Face Book. She has done a great job and as I'm just learning FB I am impressed. I thought FB was for playing games only, now I'm in training of the other side of FB. Check it out.

Attention to all club members

Be sure to contact Chuck or Otto about your time as an operator at the Club Rairoad.  Training is easy,  and this is when we get to show the public what we do. 

Repair and other information

There are now links to some of the best places on the web to repair and maintain our model trains. Greg's site is full of information to help the beginner or the seasoned train operator. You will find most of the manufactures listed and ways to improve and fix known problems. The Ottawa Valley Garden Railway Society is another great site to assist you with your repair or conversions. All this is listed under Build, Bash and Repair.

Now you can find KD Rail Publications (Keith Stratton) in Build, Bash and Repair. These articles are very well written and come with full color pictures.

Rosenberg Railroad


 Be sure to check out the Rosenberg Railroad Museum's web site and see the track plan. It looks like it a go for the 'G' scale layout. Our club will assist the museum in setting up the railroad. More to follow at the next meeting.

Want to watch more videos?

Art Gibson does a lot of great videos and he posts them on you tube. He has many great videoss to watch, so click below, set back and enjoy.


Here We Go Again

One of our major manufactors is closing their doors at the end of the year. A few year ago we lost the red boxes and now we are losing the yellow boxes. However we did get some good news about my favorite train control. Creast Electronics we still make the Revolution Train Engineer. Scott Polk says he will still sell track and some other item in a new company.Still another manufactor we have has started making a trolley in 1/29 scale. We just have to wait and see.

Also one of our large scale fourms is closing and another has changed owners. LSOL is shutting down at the end of the 2013.  As most of you know this is not the first time LSOL has shut down. Also MyLargescale has change owners. Again we will just have to sat back and wait.

Oh how history repeats itself.

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