Modular units Update

We had our first show

The first show with the new modular layout is now in the history books. The show was great. We had a very short setup time and there were only a few hiccups. On the main layout I only saw three derailments. Two were a member not paying attention and one was a little guy that just walked in and tried to pick up a train to play. All the trains ran on the track work great. We learned a lot this weekend.
We loaded the trailer a little nose heavy on the trip down and fixed that for the trip home. We now know that we must put the power cord down before the modular units. The ramps to the walk on units need to be secured. All and all it was a great show. Only 3.5 hours after we started setting up and it was done. The main layout was completed in way under one hour and the inside with Thomas and friends, the egg liners, buildings, our new banner and putting trains on the track were completed in the 3 ½ hours. That is a time and back saver. Oh yea, we didn’t even work hard to set up. We took a lot of time to sit back and see what we were doing.
Everyone that saw the new layout told us how great it looks, (yea, got a little bit of a big head). Other clubs came to look at our layout after they followed our progress on our web page they took a lot of pictures and asked a lot of questions.
The main idea is that the public and the club had a good time and shared some laughs and ideas. In my book this was an awesome show. And as a bonus, I am not as tired this morning after the show as I am from shows in the past.
Thanks to all who made comments on our new Road Show Layout, yea that name need work, but you get the idea.

See the Gallery of Pictures of our modular units

You can see from the beginning to the end of our build on the modular unit in the gallery above.

​​To all other train clubs, we want to share how and what we did to build our modular show lay out.

If you or you club have question on our layout please e-mail me, Jim Mitchell my e-mail is on the "Our Club and Video tab above"  with you questions and I will be more that happy to share. We have used it for only one show so far, however the time savings and the quality of the track work went up and beyond what we hoped for. We think it would be great to share with you and then you too can spend more time enjoying trains.

Here is a tour of Club members railroads

Charlie Caggiano
       Abita Springs & Brazos River         Bill Rickert
       KD Rail end of an era            2012-2017

To all members, want to show case your railroad?

Are you ready to share your railroad with the world? Send me a back story and pictures of your world and I will give you your own page for the world (those train folks that visit our site  all that you have done.
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