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 Check out Upcoming Events, the last modular work day is set. The units will be operational and ready for train shows and any other event we go to. All that is left is the dressing of the units.

KD Rail's how to articles have been updated with more step by step instructions of how to make things do what you want.

Modular units Update

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We have trains running!

For several years I was wanting to see if the club wanted to build modular units for the train shows. I had been involved with another club and we build some modular units and things took off. So, after talking to some club members, (some liked the idea and others did not) I got with some members that liked the idea and a power point was put together.
Last February , (2017) at the meeting at Colleen and Terry’s home the idea was put to the club. Three things could happen, they like it, they don’t like it or they exile me from Texas. Well, it turns out the idea was received very well, and a committee was formed.
The idea was for faster setup at shows, be able to run a wide range of trains, trackwork that is straight, sidings that fit and NO MORE RUBBER BANDS. OK that last one is just my personal thing, but I did not like to putting rubber bands to hold the track together. We also had members that never brought their trains to shows because they said the clearance was not enough or the trackwork was a crooked mile. The setup time was another thing that kept member from the shows.
Well, on the day of our monthly meeting the units were setup in October, (eleven months after the power point) the units were setup for the first time as a whole unit, (we had setup six units for testing but never the whole unit). We had members bring their trains to the meeting and trains were running on the new modular units for the first time.
The setup was less than 40 minutes, to roll out the carpet and connect the units and hook up the power. Not all the units were setup, we had one on the dolly to show how we well transport them and on upside down on sawhorses so member could see the wiring that was done. Members were shown the two walk on units to get to the inside of the loop. These units have ramps so a hand cart of trains can be rolled across.
All trains are setup on the inside and any train can be routed to any main line. This is for two reasons, you do not have to reach over the main line to setup your train and the storage tracks are away from little hands that are sticky with candy. OK there is another reason we did it, because we can.
Now we need to work on the scenic of the units, until then we can run trains. Our first show with the new units is November 3, 2017 at Texas City Museum. Come on down and let’s talk trains and yea, we are going to show off a little.

See the Gallery of Pictures of our modular units
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Here is a tour of Club members railroads

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       Abita Springs & Brazos River         Bill Rickert
       KD Rail end of an era            2012-2017

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Now you can find KD Rail Publications (Keith Stratton) in Build and Repair. These articles are very well written and come with full color pictures.
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On the fourth Sunday of every month HAGG will have a Fun Run day at the Rosenberg Railroad Museum. All members are invited to come run your trains from 1-5.