The Texas Rail Trail

 What is the Texas Rail Trail?  The Texas Rail Trail is a group of railroad depots, meseum and attractions that rail fans can relive the glory days of the rail. As of now the members of the Texas Rail Trail are: Rosenberg Rairoad Museum, The Depot- Railroad Museum in Tom Ball, The Hearne Depot. The Magnolia Depot and Museum, The B-RI Museum in Teague, The Elgin Depot and Railroad Mueseum. That is a lot of trains. There are full size rolling stock, model railroads, art, memorabilla and more. 

So, all you rail fans get on the The Texas Rail Trail and slow down and relive the romance of the days when rail was the perferred way to travel. 

Rosenberg Railroad Museum
The Depot-Railroad Museum in Tom Ball
The Hearne Depot Museum
The Magnolia Depot and Museum
The B-RI Museum in Teague 
The Elgin Depot and Railroad Museum
The Eagle Lake Depot 

Rosenberg Railroad Museum invites HAGG members to come out and run on the garden railroad.

 RRM is very proud of their garden railroad and enjoy it when HAGG members come out to run train on the railroad. You are invited to run you own trains or the museum's trains. You come out to help keep the railroad looking good. You clean and repair track, pull the weeds, trim the trees and a lot of othertask. Be sure to reap in the fruit of your labor and run some trains. We have some members that come out once a week to work and play on the railroad. RRM gets many guest Wednesday thru Sunday. "Is the garden railroad running today"? That is what is heard daily at the front desk. Maybe your home railroad is being repaired, rebuild or just in your mind planning, don't forget you have a place to run your trains. 
Running trains at RRM is two fold, you get to show off your trains and the guest at RRM get to see a model of Rosenberg in operations. 

 RRM's garden railrod has come a long way. Remember the RR ties down by the jail that were moved to the GRR site. I think the brick is a much better way to go. Go to the club magezine and look at issue #142 Nov-Dec 2014 and see some more early pictures of the railroad. 

Here is a tour of Club members railroads

Charlie Caggiano's world
       Abita Springs & Brazos River         Bill Rickert
       KD Rail end of an era            2012-2017
       John Franks's Railroad

To all members, want to show case your railroad?

Are you ready to share your railroad with the world? Send me a back story and pictures of your world and I will give you your own page for the world (those train folks that visit our site) to see all that you have done.
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