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HAGG Members, don't forget that RRM loves it when we come by to run trains. If you need to get your weekly train fix check in with RRM on what day they need you and run your trains weekly. RRM is open Wedesday - Sunday and they are always looking for folks to  ​play ​ operate trains on the garden railroad. You can also help with the upkeep of the railroad, work on the museum's rolling stock and help train the others to run the railroad. Call Greg today.

​​A very big thank you to Otto. All the issues of our club magazine from 1991 up to present are now online. There is a lot of good  information. It is also fun to see how the club has grown. We can all enjoy Otto's hard work finding the older issues of HAGG's newsletter.

A Letter from Craig

I want to thank all the club members who participated in The World’s Greatest Hobby Train Show held at The NRG Arena this past weekend.  I am happy to say the amount of people we had at this show were too many to mention all the names.   But you know who you are. The set up went well but more improvements can be made. Remember, there will be a learning curve.  Our biggest problem was with connections.  The modules were brought back to Greg Cauthen’s house after the show and we will have a couple of work days before the next show to work on them.  I wonder if the Cauthen’s will ever get rid of those modules!
We need to remember that our modules cost a lot of money and we need to take our time setting them up and taking them apart.  We need to handle them with care.  If we do, they will last us a long time.
We introduced interlocking tiles as a base for the circus and egg liner display.  They worked well, and I think everyone liked the look.  They were much safer as they did not slide around.  They were also easier on the knees.
Chuck Blumentritt introduced a new modular Thomas set up.  When it is completed, and all wired for automatic operation it should make the set up easier and faster.  With multiple trains running at the same time it should look good.  I’m sure the kid’s will like it.  Eventually I want us to have a club owned Thomas layout with modules that match our club modules.  A good project for the future.
All in all, it was a good show.  There was, plenty to see and the attendance was good on both days.  I believe our club had the best turnout of club members that we have had at any train show in recent history.  We had a lot of trains to run.  CONGRADULATIONS and THANK YOU again.  Let’s keep it up!
The one thing that could have been better is having coffee and food available in the hall.  What they provided was very limited and very expensive.  They also ran out of what food they did have.  On Saturday, Paulette walked all the way to Starbucks to get us coffee.  What a girl!  Brenda must have felt sorry for her because she brought coffee on Sunday.
We gained two new memberships at the show and possibly one returning member.  A lot of people were interested and took applications with them.
Craig Pecora

Greater Houston Train Show
The Greater Houston Train Show held at The Stafford Center in Stafford Texas was a successful show.  Even though we did not pick up any new members we had another good show.  Once again, we had a good turnout for set up and tare down.  We had plenty of HAGG members on hand during the show to answer questions.  Before the show we were a little worried that we would not have enough trains to run.  That was not the case.  We had more than enough.  Thanks to all the members who brought trains to the show.  The control panel although not finished yet also worked out well.
The set up went very smooth.  All track power problems seemed to be resolved.  We still have a couple of switches that could not be thrown from the control panel but that did not interfere with operations.  We simply used our 18 volt fingers to throw the points on the switches that were not working.  Jim Mitchell and Greg Cauthen will look at that.  I trust they will solve the problem.
Tare down was amazing!  We performed like a well-oiled machine.  From the time we stared to the closing of the trailer door took 35 minutes.  We were all packed up and ready to ride in record time.  I always knew this club had the potential of being a class act.  The appearance of our layout and the effort put forth by our members proves it   JOB WELL DONE!
There was however one thing that bothered me a little.  During the show while discussing our layout, control panel, track connections, rail alignment, etc., I heard the comment “that’s good enough” a couple of times.  For this club “good enough” is not good enough.  Perfect is good enough.  Or at least as perfect as we can get.  We need to change our way of thinking.
The sponsors of the show (The San Jacinto Model Railroad Club) were pleased with the turnout.  They reported an attendance of about 1,150.  That was a little down from last year but they were still happy.
I would like to list all of the names of the members who showed up for this show but I’m afraid I might miss someone.  I certainly don’t want to do that.  At future shows and events, I would like to have a sign in sheet so we can give special recognition to those who participate in the events. Participation is key to any successful organization.  If you have not participated recently, come on out and see how much we have grown.
I think we should take a few minutes to pat ourselves on the back for our accomplishments at The World’s Greatest Hobby Show and the Greater Houston Train Show but then it’s back to work. Our next show will be in Galveston at the Galveston Railroad Museum on April 28th and 29th.  Your officers are already talking about what has to be done to make that another great show.  Please remember we need your help.  Any ideas or suggestions are welcome.
Mark your calendars for Sunday, February 25th.  That will be a HAGG run day at The Rosenberg Railroad Museum.  Come on out to run trains and visit with other HAGG members.
Also mark your calendars for Saturday, April 14th for RailFest at The Rosenberg Railroad Museum.  That’s always a fun day.
Side Note:  I am going to call another meeting of the by-laws committee to meet at the museum before we run trains   on run day.  I think with one more meeting we can have the preliminary copy of the by-laws completed and ready to send out to the members of the club.
Special Note to Keith and Donalda Stratton…….WE MISSED YOU GUYS!
Craig Pecora

See more pictures of the Stafford Train Show
Galveston Train Museum Train Show
This show was postponed from last fall after Harvey came to town. The show is back on and they are going to have it in April. On Friday Apr 27 we will set up our Show Layout at he Galveston Railroad Museum. The show is on Saturday and Sunday, April 28 & 29. Please watch your e-mail, hagg Facebook and this site for updates as they come in.

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